We’re Here For You

Our practice was founded on one basic principle: to be the best in the industry. From that philosophy, we start with a dedicated administrative staff with over 50 years in the medical industry who have the knowledge and training to ensure your private health information and HIPPA compliance is always entrusted.

Careful consideration is taken with the selection of counselors that are a part of our group. That process assures they have extensive backgrounds, education and certifications in a vast array of issues to accommodate a wide variety of diagnoses and provide you the highest quality of care possible. We offer you a private and safe environment that allows the process of counseling to occur naturally, focusing on the area you are seeking assistance with.

We take pride in the diversity of extensive training our therapists have and invite you to share that experience in a non-judgmental environment. As mental health provider, our goal is to address and work closely with each client to encourage a realistic basis on which to build consistent emotional stability, increase capacity to adapt to change, and develop coping skills that will maximize potential to function in all aspects of daily living. Therapy provides an objective venue to vent feelings and sort through the underlying reasons for dissatisfaction or discomfort. Our goal is to diminish symptoms and improve the overall functioning of our clients.

From our humble beginning of four counselors to our growth over the years to 11 therapists and expansion to a 3,000-square-foot office, the focus remains the same now as it is then: to always provide the best service to our clients.

We invite you to look through our website to learn more about our specialties and how we might be a part of a positive change in your life today.