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Julie Mergl, LCSW

Julie's goal is to provide individuals with a supportive presence and help them explore and incorporate new ways to help cope, as well as gain inner strength and peace during challenging times. Julie is a very compassionate, non-judgmental person, who believes in providing a safe environment where individuals feel connected and understood.

Julie is a certified EMDR therapist and clinical hypno-therapist. She utilizes these and other techniques to help clients heal from traumatic events, grief, loss, and other life difficulties. Her clients have expressed gaining increased insight and coping skills, as well as they ability to find a new sense of inner peace.

Julie utilizes various spiritual and psychological techniques to ease emotional and physical stress and renew the mind. She focuses on helping to bring awareness to limiting beliefs, identifying new coping skills, feeling lighter, and helping each individual discover a different way to look at the challenges in life.

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