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Rebekah Bell, LMHC

Jennifer Dahl LMHC, CRC

Jen Ducharme, LMHC

Pam Erkelens, LMHC

Chelsea Foote, LMHC

Ann Frecker, LCSW 

Paul Horn, LMHC

Sherryl Makeever, LCSW

 Paul McRae, LMHC

Julie Mergl, LMHC



Recognized for their contributions to our success in the industry.

REBECCA FERREN LCSW - Lives in Colorado and still practices as a
counselor, working in the public sector.

JAMES LOUNDSBURY LCSW - Semi-retired and practicing part time as a
therapist with his wife, who is also a counselor.

KENNETH WYNN LMHC - Travels regionally for the government
providing therapy to the military reserves.

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