Linda Parrish, LMFT

In our lives we go though changes, issues, or losses and sometimes we need people to listen to us as we walk through what we are experiencing.  My role as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is to be supportive, give suggestions, and help clients discover insights that will be helpful.  I consider counseling as a process that starts with where a person is at, and ends with where they would like to be, which may or may not be a solution.  At times the individual does not have a solution because there is no solution to the situation, but can still achieve more peace or acceptance regarding their situation.

I went to school at the University of Florida where I graduated with my Masters and Specialist degree in Counselor Education.  After graduating I have worked at a family counseling agency, a corporate care counseling setting, and at a child counseling agency.  I have provided outpatient counseling to individuals, couples, children, and families.  In addition, when I worked at the family counseling agency, I provided counseling services for individuals through their EAP programs.  Currently, I am providing crisis evaluations for children.  My areas of expertise with children and adolescents include: adjustment issues, ADHD, behavior issues, transitions within the family, loss and grief. My areas of expertise with adults include: work related issues, adjustment issues, depression, loss and grief, as well as couples and marital issues.